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Goodguys is proud to announce a stellar lineup of special Hot Rod Cruises this year ranging from one-day excursions to multi-day road trips steeped in hot rodding fellowship and fun! Tagging along on a Goodguys Hot Rod Cruise in your own car can be the experience of a lifetime! Driving out on the open road with a pack of fellow hot rodders offers a bonding experience like no other!

Goodguys Hot Rod Cruises are designed not only to spend quality time cruising and relaxing down the highway with your buddies, but also to stop at cool places, hot rod shops, collections and other points of interest along the way! It’s the ultimate hot rodders vacation and anyone can join the fun! A variety of trips are available this year to suit your style and your schedule so gas up the hot rod, get on board and start livin’ the good life!


2019 Hot Rod Week

  • 2019 Hot Rod Week meet each day at 8:00am Pleasanton Double Tree Hotel - back parking lot
  • Monday - Central Valley and Sacramento
  • Tuesday - Burlingame, South San Francisco, Berkeley
  • Wednesday - Martinez, Vallejo, Concord
  • Thursday - Poker run


Des Moines To Columbus


For more information please contact:

Dave Ruhs - (515) 321-3283


Cruise Tour to Del Mar

We rocked this tour! Check out the Day 1 & 2 video


2019 Hall of Fame Road Tours

Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tours


2019 Application



2019 Hotel List

Hotel Information will be posted shortly.

2019 Hotels List Coming Soon





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